How to Devil will try to make you sin…

  • He will try to make you skip on your morning Bible reading, which is a way to lose fellowship with God.
  • He will bring tempting people in your life though
    • Co-workers
    • Old sexual memories
    • Old past experiences
    • Sensual dreams
    • Thoughts when you drive
    • When you hear Bible preaching your minds starts to wonder off
  • He will make you be alone to try to isolate your self
  • He will put you in front of a computer with internet access and tempt you to search for pornography
  • He will tempt you to sin sexually.

It is endless in the ways, he can tempt you. ….but he will.

Here is what you should do..

  • Cry out to God for help.
  • Remember the consequences of sin are death, health sickness, spiritual deadness, loss of family, loss of children, loss of your money, loss of time, loss of your integrity. More importantly, is that you lose your relationship with God, you break the relationship with Jesus.
  • Remember, the love you had with your wife (if you are a man).
  • Remember, the love you have for your children. You don’t want to lose them again.
  • Repent by asking God to help you, Change your heart again. Do not fall into sin.
  • Remember the immoral women in Proverbs 5-7. Her men are in the depths of hell the Bible says. She will drag you into hell.