The Concept of God

The world is lost. Without God, the True God, not a ‘god’ of our own understanding, without the True God….we are lost. The world believes in different gods.

The idea of God is not attractive for some people. Those people would rather there not be a god and just do whatever pleases them, which, in effect, makes them the one they follow and thus the become a small god, that is only in their own little mind. They try to control and make everyone and everything fall their way.

Some have the idea that God is a force in nature, as in the power of water, or in a living tree. That is convenient for those who also, do not want to submit, because, after all, how can anyone submit to a water fall or tree.

Some have the idea that God is when they die, they become a God to watch their family that are still alive on the world. That idea is old and makes, again, us, as humans God.

So far we are just talking bout three big ideas. Idea #1 = The Athiest. Idea #2 the Hindu/Buddhism and Idea #3 man becoming god (a lie that started in the garden of Eden when Satan told Eve that you will be like god). This is also called “Ancestry Worship” and many Japanese still practice and belief in this. There are hold alters and pictures of dead loved one who they burn incense to and pray to.

Some have the idea of God has one (Jews, Muslims, Christians), but have different beliefs. The beliefs are based off the teachers and their writings. In reality, Christianity is a fulfillment of the Jewish religion. Muslim faith came into being after Christianity.

Jesus came to tell the Jewish people that Jesus came to fulfill the law. That means that Jesus is the one who can perfectly follow and do the  whole law of God. The Ten Commandments to the various laws of the Old Testament found in the Holy Bible were completed by Jesus. No one could fault Jesus of any sins.If you look into the other world religions, they all had evil actions and problems inside themselves. Jesus did not.

Jesus did not sin once. He is and was the perfect man that walked on this earth. Why did Jesus die? He didn’t die of natural causes but by Crucifixion. He was blamed for blasphemy. What is blasphemy? A total rejection of God into a Satanic state.

For example, Jesus had the power to cast out evil spirits out of people. The religious Jews said that Jesus has this power from the Devil. The Jewish people charged Jesus with this and it’s called Blasphemy.

If you study the Bible and look at other history like in the Jewish Historian Josephus, it is documented that Jesus was not a normal person but had powers. So if the Bible records this and other secular history also record this, then this adds greatly to the credibility of the Christian faith. The trust in the life, death, resurrection and teachings of Jesus Christ.