If you are a man and want to live a life of sexual integrity in holiness, faithful to your wife or future wife. .. then get the book called “Every Man’s Battle” read true stories from husbands and wife’s and how to recover from sexual addiction.

Christ-centered. Glory to God. Amen

These are some notes and quotes from the book

He didn’t meet with Kirk because he knew that he didn’t hate his sin.

The difference between those that win and those that stay ensnared is that “those who win” hate their sin. They hated their impurities. You have to choose manhood with all of your might. Why not now.

“But listen to the following words spoken by preacher Steve Hill, who was addressing escape from addiction to drugs and alcohol as well as from sexual sin: There’s no temptation that is uncommon to man. God will send you a way of escape, but you’ve got to be willing to take that way of escape, friend.… I was an alcoholic to the max. I would drink whiskey, straight whiskey, every day. And I was a junkie. Cocaine up my nose, in my arm, I did it all, friend. And God never delivered me from the desire and the love of drugs. He never did. What happened is that I decided to never touch the stuff or drink booze again.… Those of you that are into pornography may be asking God to take away your lustful desires. You are a man with hormones. You feel things. You have since you were a teenager, and you will until the day you die! You are attracted to the opposite sex. I’m not saying that God cannot take the desire from you. He can! He’s just never done it in my life or the tens of thousands of people I’ve worked with over the years. That includes pornographers. Ninety-nine percent of them had to make a decision. They had to make a decision to not walk by magazine racks of adult magazines and to stay faithful to their wives and their family.” From the Book, Every Man’s Battle page 88.

Make a decision to not walk by the dirty magazine racks. Make a decision to stay faithful to your wife and your family.