Letter 1 to a Buddhist co-worker


Thank you for sharing your personal email address with me. I enjoyed the conversation we had about morals in Japanese schools. I have often wondered about that too. If the school teaches evolution then it is like we are all here by chance and there is no Creator of the Universe.


Do you believe in evolution? I know in Japanese and American public schools they teach Evolution. That millions of years ago there was a big bang and there is where we all come from ….. then they teach that all of us humans evolved from the monkeys and from fish and so on and so on.


This to me sounds hard to believe. How can we get all the beauty of the universe and how can we get all the systems of the world from a big bang? Do you believe that a building can exist without a builder? Do you believe a painting can exist without a painter? Do you believe that this creation can exist without a Creator?


I logically have to believe that this universe has a Creator. I also believe that the Creator is God. So I believe in God, Kami-sama.


Now, we come to the next question….if we have all of these religions of the world then who is to say the one that is right? Or can we just simply accept thst we are are right? That everyone is just really praying to the same god?

You have to decide on that one for yourself. If you seriously look into what all the religions are saying you will see that they all can’t be logically true. For example, if Buddhism is the absolute truth then we will die and come back as another form eventually reaching nirvana as a Buddha or enlightened one. If Christianity, is true then we will die and face a Righteous God on Judgment Day. Either go to heaven(tengoku) or hell(hell). Just these two examples, prove that all religions can’t be true.


The reason I am talking about our beginnings as humans and religion or faith(shinko) is because this is all absolutely foundational to the next question of our morals and teaching good morals to people and children.


Now, this leads to the next question which is “How can you tell what is really right or wrong since we live in a world that has so many religions and teachers and many reject the teachings of others?”

If you believe in Evolution, then you are the “god” and decide the morals by “whatever you want” because you do not believe in a God therefore the consequence is that “you” become a “god”.


If you belief in the God of the Holy Bible, then you belief that God created this world and gave us His Words written to all humans in the Holy Bible. The laws of God are good and holy and are where the morals come from. You will understand who God really is and what His Words say about what is right and wrong.


Your friend