Jesus is my Super Hero

Jesus Christ is willing to forgive your sins. He is not willing that you perish. Come to Jesus Christ. He will show you how to live. Forgive your enemies, like Christ forgave us. He can change your heart to forgive and love again. Others will let you down, even those really close to you. Jesus [...]

Letter 3 to buddhist friend

I like the conversation we are having. The problem you said is the human heart. This is what the Bible says about the human heart. (KJV) Jeremiah 17:9 The heart [is] deceitful above all [things], and desperately wicked: who can know it? (Japanese(新改訳)) Jeremiah 17:9 人の心は何よりも陰険で、それは直らない。だれが、それを知ることができよう。 But the Bible says that God wants to forgive [...]

Letter 2 to a Buddhist co-worker

  Thank you for your email. About morals, you said that we have what we need already inside. In Christianity, we believe in having a conscience (ryoshin). Do you believe you have a conscience? The word conscience comes from two words "con" + "science". "Con" means "With" and "Science" means "Knowledge". So conscience means "with [...]

God has power to heal the brain and mind

There is a story that I read and I wanted to share because it was worth sharing.     You can read how the doctors say that it was a miraculous healing and that his brain just grew new connections. If that is not evidence for God, what else can convince an atheist?   [...]